The Story Behind Keeping it REAL Caregiving

We all ultimately have two choices in this life. We continue to age and there is a good chance various items will start to go haywire with our bodies and health. We must accept we will need help. The alternative is that we die.That is the theory behind Keeping it REAL Caregiving. Those who accept and embrace AGING – the prize behind doorway number ONE; learn that getting old is not always easy. Nor is it for the weak of heart. But it is nature’s course.

Keeping it REAL Caregiving creator Julia Yarbough, spent 20-years taking the lead ensuring her mother, Miss Nellie could live her last chapter feeling safe, loved and well-cared for.

Through personal experiences in caring for Miss Nellie, Yarbough realized our current systems and frameworks for family caregivers often fall short of the practical help people need most.

We Offer Guidance

To help others navigate the often rough waters of family caregiving, Yarbough created Keeping it REAL Caregiving to offer guidance, support and resources. We discuss the tough questions and reach out to subject experts and family caregivers to answer questions in topics including:

  • Adapting a home for the safety of your elder
  • Securing additional assistance
  • Understanding health insurance and hospital visits
  • Researching Senior Living Facility options and facilities
  • Identifying doctors trained in geriatric needs
  • Reviewing family finances & life-planning documents
  • Recognizing the emotional and career impacts to family caregivers

Family caregiving can be one of the most rewarding jobs one will ever have but, let’s keep it REAL! It can also “kick your butt!” It should not be this difficult to care for our loved ones!

KIRC strives to offer guidance, support, practical information and the opportunity to become more involved in advocacy efforts for our elders and ourselves: the next generation who will need care in our golden years.