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Caregiver of the Month – Congratulations!

This article originally appeared in September, 2022. Keeping It REAL Caregiving is excited to relaunch our effort to recognize a deserving Caregiver of the Month!

It is such an honor to be able to recognize those who are giving of themselves to ensure the well-being and proper care for those they love.

The man and son recognized as our September Caregiver of the Month exhibits the true spirit of what ‘caring’ is all about.

Travis lives in Tennessee. He has helped care for his mother in various forms, for more than 20-years. He is just 33-years old. Do the math.

Travis has, for much of his life been the ‘rock’ for his mother Ruby, who is now 62 and faced with a host of challenging health and medical issues.

Here’s what the person who nominated Travis for this award shared about the nominee:

*This nomination has been edited for brevity and clarity. The submission information has been verified and approved by the nominee.

Spirit of caring and love

Courtesy: Travis/Tennessee

I want to nominate Mr. Travis for Caregiver of the Month because of his commitment and dedication to being his mother’s caregiver since he was ten years old.

According to his mother, Travis battled and conquered cerebral palsy and chronic asthma at a very young age.

While going though his own healing process as a child, and after the loss of his father, he started making sure to take care of his mother. He was determined to do everything he could to help preserve his mother’s life.

From childhood, through his teenage years, as a young adult and even today, he has been caring for his mom.

This young man has cared for his mother through several heart-related medical emergencies, seizures, and even breast cancer. He was with her through every chemo and radiation treatment.

When he saw that the chemo was taking her hair out, he even shaved his head bald in support of his mom.

This year, unfortunately his mother was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease which has badly affected her ability to move or walk. Mr. Travis with his selfless heart has taken care of her through this process by persistently working with her medical team to help get his mother’s physical mobility restored.

That includes him advocating for long-term rehab for his mother. He even made sure she was admitted to a skilled care facility right down the street from their home so he could be there with her everyday, and in case anything went wrong he could get to her quickly.

While his mother was in rehab for about a month, this young man visited her every single morning before he went to work, and every evening when he got off work.

Even while working a full-time job, he makes sure that his mother gets to every doctor’s appointment and therapy session.

What her medical insurance does not cover, he pays for out-of-pocket so she can get the medical care she needs.

His mother shared with me one time, that if Mr. Travis had not stepped up to be her caregiver, she does not know what her life would have been like.

A son’s love

When KIRC spoke with Travis, I asked him why he has made this choice?

Because I watched my mother serve others for years, before she was down on her health. She has taken care of older people, the homeless, children, and most importantly she took care of me. And, so just watching her be selfless and in service to other people, when it was time for me to serve her it was not owing her but it was out of a sense of gratitude. It was simply my way of paying my respect back to her for what she needed.

A huge and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Travis for exhibiting the caring spirit and big heart that is the epitome of those individuals Keeping It REAL Caregiving wishes to honor.

Thank you for your love and dedication to your mother over the years. Please accept a small token of appreciation from the entire Keeping It REAL Caregiving family!

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