Project Description

KIRC Podcast S2:E1 How one woman helped save her mother’s life is a sobering story and reminder for family caregivers.

If your loved one (especially an elder) is admitted to the hospital, your role is now that of caregiver and personal advocate.

In this episode, we talk with a woman who watched as her mother’s health condition declined substantially after a medical procedure.

But because of this daughter’s determination and persistence that something was seriously wrong with her mother, the medical team took action.

Andi & Diana Pillips/Courtesy: Andi Phillips

In this episode, hear the full story of what happened to this family and some practical steps all of us should consider when and if our loved ones are admitted to the hospital.

Paying close attention, asking questions, demanding answers and being in place as an advocate, might (in some cases) be the only thing standing between your loved one and a deadly situation.

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