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KIRC Podcast S1:E8 What you need to know about long term care coverage gives you some of the basics of this concept.

Keeping it REAL Caregiving welcomes Financial Literacy Expert Vickie Frazier-Williams to the program to talk about L.T.C.

No, not T.L.C. – tender loving care, but the OTHER combination of the same three letters, which for all practical purposes do the same thing.

We’re talking about long term care insurance coverage and why you need to begin to educate yourselves about what this coverage is and how it works.

Your KIRC host, Julia Yarbough and guest, Frazier-Williams are both former broadcast news journalists. We know the power of going after topics by asking the who, what, where, when, how and why questions. It is no different with long term care.

Join us as we review some of the tough questions you MUST ask and why it is never to early to begin thinking about your healthcare and financial futures!

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