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KIRC Podcast S1:E5 Palliative care, what this care entails and how to access this option is a MUST for families to listen to and learn from.

In this episode, Keeping it REAL Caregiving host Julia Yarbough is joined by a registered nurse and Palliative care specialist who shares her first-hand knowledge and experience.

Nurse Lisa explains what is Palliative care?

…and why is it important to understand how this level of care is accessed and delivered?

If you have never heard of Palliative care, you are not alone. Nurse Lisa explains how many people are somewhat familiar with Hospice care. But she points out that Palliative care is different. This type of care focuses on providing ‘comfort’ and ‘ease’ to an individual who perhaps is facing a chronic and life changing disease or diagnosis.

KIRC Podcast S1:E5 dives into the information you should have in place before entering a hospital, the questions to ask and what legal paperwork one should complete long before a crisis situation arises.

When should you consider this option?

Nurse Lisa discusses some of the medical situations which would lead one to choose Palliative care. Learn more about this specialized field of medical care, what patients and their families need to know before being admitted to a hospital and what steps to take NOW to PLAN & PREPARE before you face an emergency.

Did you know?

According to the Center to Advance Palliative Care, in a 2019 report, researchers found many hospitals in the United States have Palliative care teams but there are many facilities which still do not offer this specialized care. However, according to the report, roughly 12-million adults and 400-thousand children are living with a serious or chronic disease in which Palliative care would be beneficial.

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