Project Description

Equity in Aging Advisory Committee hears from REAL caregivers. This event is a testament to the power of our collective voices.

California Department of Aging


I am honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to join the California Department of Aging and the Equity in Aging Advisory Committee. My role was as a presenter to share YOUR real experiences as family caregivers.

Keeping It REAL Caregiving, and creator Julia Yarbough has been a member of the committee for some time, but this was the first chance to actively take part in contributing REAL information from REAL caregivers and to share some of the challenges we face.

Equity in Aging Advisory Committee Meeting

Held June 15, 2022
Key Moments: Find Keeping It REAL Caregiving at 1:13:03 in the video

Make an impact

This is proof that when we all come together we can make an impact. How? We share information and demand improvements in the landscape for caregivers.

Thank you to those of you who were willing to share a brief synopsis of some of your biggest challenges as a caregiver. My presentation was five minutes but was PACKED with powerful and REAL feedback from REAL caregivers.

Pride in our work

In less than one year, Keeping It REAL Caregiving has been able to take an idea and passion, turn it into a movement and harness YOUR voices and concerns to deliver that directly to those in positions of influence. That is powerful!

Find more information on the California Department of Aging and the Master Plan on Aging here.

Contact Julia Yarbough and Keeping It REAL Caregiving to learn how your agency or organization can book Julia as an aging event moderator, here.