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Kentucky journalist investigates nursing home violations & government payments


Kentucky journalist investigates nursing home violations & government fines is no doubt an eye-catching headline. Dive deeper into the story and you'll find Louisville, Kentucky based investigative reporter, John Charlton, digging into a paper trail. Follow the money Charlton spent hours sifting through government documents. He wanted to learn if nursing home facilities in his ...

The Accidental Caregiver with PASSAGES


The Accidental Caregiver with PASSAGES live stream event, held Wednesday, June 16, 2021.         Presented by Keeping it REAL Caregiving creator Julia Yarbough, the program takes participants through a personal journey of family caregiving and some of the lessons learned. Practical Information In this webinar, Julia offers practical and ...

Living history right next to us


Living history right next us is originally published: Lunch Sessions and Life Lessons with my 91-year old friend Charles, by Next Avenue. June 4, 2021 "Keep working. Don't quit. You gotta live until you die. Don't ever back away from anything." Those words have been a lifelong motto for Charles Monroe Boyett and the exuberant ...

Discovering my father


Discovering my father features the personal journey of a daughter navigating the best possible care for her father. In this episode of Keeping it REAL Caregiving On-Air, meet family caregiver Rowena Branch who is now tasked with providing care for her elderly father. The challenge ahead involves finding a safe living facility and moving her ...

Senior lock down during coronavirus


Senior lock down during coronavirus Is one of the personal experiences which led me to create Keeping it REAL Caregiving.   Courtesy KHSL-TV in Chico, California, this story captures just some of the challenges I, and many others faced once coronavirus took hold. The impact was felt especially hard for those of us with ...


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