Mother to my Mother: Caregiving lessons learned


Mother to my Mother Caregiving lessons learned is a MUST WATCH segment for anyone entering the world of family caregiving. In this episode of 'Keeping It REAL Caregiving - On Air,' meet a woman who is in the thick of caring for her mother, diagnosed with dementia. Angela Jones is an only child. She is ...

Age Boom Academy 2022 National Journalists Panel


Keeping It REAL Caregiving was honored to moderate a national panel as part of the Age Boom Academy, 2022 sponsored by the Columbia Journalism School in conjunction with the Columbia Aging Center. The four-day program was presented by Columbia Journalism School and is designed to educate journalists about some of the realities, nuances and ...

Aging LGBTQ and Why it Matters


Aging LGBTQ and Why it Matters explores growing awareness of the need for recognizing all segments of an aging population. In this episode of Keeping It REAL Caregiving On-Air, we are diving into not one, but two societal issues and how they are connected. Diversity and Equity What does it mean to age when one ...

When your loved one crushes your spirit


When your loved one crushes your spirit, it can leave you feeling angry, demoralized or just plain empty. How do you cope with and protect your emotions when someone is mean to you? Especially when it is someone close to you? Why you gotta be so mean? What might that ...


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