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Keeping It REAL Caregiving is proud to announce our weekly newsletter at SUBSTACK has been selected as a 2022 Featured Publication for the publishing platform!

Congratulations are in order for each of you who has read an article, subscribed and/or shared a post with anyone within your circle – THANK YOU!

We share this honor with all of you, our readers and supporters because all of the content, information and resources here at Keeping It REAL Caregiving truly are a team effort and labor of love.

Substack Featured Publication

What does this recognition mean?

  1. That many more readers and subscribers are finding our content (and hopefully sharing with others).

  2. Editors and curators at our new newsletter home at Substack, have found our existing content to be worthy of greater recognition. There are literally thousands of newsletters hosted by Substack, so to be hand-selected within weeks of launching at our new home is truly exciting! 

  3. As we head into a new year and a new phase of the growth and evolution of Keeping It REAL Caregiving, I hope to inspire more of you to get involved with this effort: share your stories, contribute content, offer tips and guidance for others – let your voices be heard by policy and law makers!

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