Project Description

Mother to my Mother Caregiving lessons learned is a MUST WATCH segment for anyone entering the world of family caregiving.

In this episode of ‘Keeping It REAL Caregiving – On Air,’ meet a woman who is in the thick of caring for her mother, diagnosed with dementia.

Angela Jones is an only child. She is now in the role of Mother to her Mother, as she is the primary caregiver for her 74-year old mother, Alga Jones.

Caregiving lessons learned

Caregiving lessons learned

Jones is a professional national-level news producer with a high-powered, and demanding career. She shares with other caregivers her personal journey, the lessons learned, and offers three MUST DO steps for other caregivers.

Call to Action

Jones also has a specific Call to Action for doctors, lawmakers and others making policy decisions impacting caregivers, especially those navigating Alzheimer’s Disease.