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KIRC Podcast S1:E9 Tablet technology for companionship and more, is a ‘mini-podcast’ touching on the topic of keeping elders connected.

Keeping it REAL Caregiving host Julia Yarbough recently chatted with the Director of the Meals on Wheels, Rowan program in North Carolina.

Director Cindy Fink explained how the organization has turned to increased technology to help some clients stay ‘plugged-in.’

Fink says Meals on Wheels originally began using computer tablets as a tool to check in on clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of limited outreach, there was concern that some clients might not be preparing delivered meals properly or, even eating at all.

Thanks to grant dollars awarded to the program, a small number of tablets was purchased and delivered to some clients. From that initial program of just ‘checking-in’ with clients then evolved into something more.

Meals on Wheels, Rowan – North Carolina

The computer tablets provided a way for many elders to not only interact in regards to having meals delivered, but were also able to virtually connect with family and friends. Other programs were also loaded into the tablet, allowing clients to take part in health and wellness programs, make and have doctors’ appointments, attend church services, play games, download family pictures and more.

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