Project Description

Bridging the digital divide with tablet technology is exactly what one service provider in North Carolina is doing. The California Department of Aging is currently in the pilot phase of a similar project.

How and why? It is a program that aims to address isolation and connectivity for elders. In fact, it can also help others who just might need a bit of assistance.

Keeping it REAL Caregiving recently caught up with Cindy Fink, Executive Director with Meals on Wheels, Rowan, in North Carolina.

KIRC first learned about the work taking place at this location during a zoom session hosted by the California Department of Aging. That’s the great thing about online events – professionals and experts from all over the globe can take part!

It was during that session we learned that Fink and her team have turned to tablet technology to give elders a way to connect. With just the touch of a screen, clients are able to interact with family and friends or take part in wellness programs.

Others can make doctors’ appointments while others can get online for gaming. The program is less than a year old but so far, Fink calls it a success!

To read the full story, visit the Keeping it REAL Caregiving Newsletter at Facebook Bulletin.

You can also watch a portion of our chat right here, about the tablets. You never know, it could be something that could HELP your loved one or elder!

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