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Keeping it REAL Podcast S1:E3 Family caregiving lessons learned from Bonita and Miss Hattie

In podcast S1:E3 lessons learned from Bonita and Miss Hattie we hear from a family caregiver who offers listeners a unique viewpoint of what it means to care for an aging loved one. In many cases the ‘mother-daughter’ relationship generates stories of angst and conflict.

But in this instance, you will learn about a woman who worked hard to raise her family and who then turned to her family for support in the final years of her life.

In this S1:E3 episode of Keeping it REAL Caregiving Podcast, hear the personal story of family caregiver Bonita Green as she navigated the final years of care for her elderly mother, Mrs. Hattie Green.

 Each family situation is different when it comes to caregiving.

However, Bonita shares with listeners her TOP FIVE MUST DO steps to help both your loved one AND the caregiver move through this chapter of life.

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