Project Description

Podcast S1:E4 Discovering my father is a personal journey of reflection…

as family caregiver Rowena explains how she is ‘discovering my father.’ She introduces listeners to her aging father; a man she is now growing closer to as she cares for him in his final chapter.

It is a road that is not always easy.


In the Keeping it REAL Caregiving podcast S1:E4 our featured family caregiver shares practical and useful information regarding finding appropriate care for her father and how she overcame many of the hurdles.

And we talk about money and finances. Those issues can be crucial to providing quality care for a loved one as they age. Rowena advises listeners to ask themselves some tough questions. Do you have enough money set aside? What is your financial limit? And when it comes to providing care for a loved one, what is YOUR emotional limit? She wants all of us to ask ourselves, WHAT CAN WE LIVE WITH?

These are all tough questions but ones we must answer truthfully to provide good care for our elders and protect ourselves in the process.

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