Project Description

The California Black Health Network and AARP hosts caregiving webinar

Nov 13, 2023 Health4Life Series

Keeping It REAL Caregiving joins The California Black Health Network and AARP: Caring and the Black Community as a featured speaker for this webinar event.

Hear from presenter Rita Choula Senior Director of Caregiving at the AARP Public Policy Institute, and Julia Yarbough, creator/publisher of Keeping It REAL Caregiving.

This series is designed to help the Black community become better prepared, plan for, and manage caring for an aging parent or loved one with health issues and in need of caregiving services and support. The final session 5 focuses on the steps necessary to navigate caregiving resources available to Black caregivers throughout California.

To learn more about and get involved, visit The California Black Health Network.

To learn more about the work of AARP within California and the Black Community, click here.

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