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When your loved one crushes your spirit, it can leave you feeling angry, demoralized or just plain empty.

How do you cope with and protect your emotions when someone is mean to you? Especially when it is someone close to you?

Why you gotta be so mean?

What might that look and feel like when the person being mean is the same individual you are caring for?

I had a conversation with a dear friend recently and this subject came up. It was the inspiration for this episode of the Keeping It REAL Caregiving Sunday Coffee Chat & Support Session.

We dish with other caregivers about their experiences, lessons learned and offer insight on how to handle those ‘mean’ moments, in essence, when your loved one crushes your spirit.

Be sure to check out additional episodes of Keeping It REAL Caregiving Sunday Coffee Chat & Support Session, as well as additional video segments focused on navigating family caregiving in our Video archives.

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