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Celebrating Black History and Caregiving in North Carolina is a story that truly comes from the heart.

As we honor the history, legacies and accomplishments of those who have come before us (and those yet to create), I invite you to consider that Black History is a history for all of us. The accomplishments of one people tend to have great benefit for all; the greater good, if you will.

Celebrating Black History 2023

Past = Present = Future

Keeping It REAL Caregiving would like you to consider viewing ‘history’ of your cultural heritages through a more personal lens.

What does ‘history’ mean when you examine:

  • Your own family?
  • Your childhood neighborhood?
  • Family photo albums?
  • Stories passed down through generations?

Let’s consider that ‘history’ is not only something that happened in the distant past. What about the choices and decisions made by our immediate family members that have set new historical markers into motion?

I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina recently to spend time with a dear friend, who is giving an entirely new meaning to the scope of what caregiving is all about.

Bonita Green spent many years as a family caregiver and is now focusing her energies on ‘caring’ for and protecting the legacy of the community her parents helped build and where she grew up.

The Merrick-Moore community in Durham, North Carolina is an historically Black neighborhood, with a rich history and many legacy homeowners.

Green is the President of the Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation, a non-profit which is working to push back against gentrification, improve infrastructure and safety, promote sustainability, and green spaces.

Her passion and devotion is partially aimed at ensuring future generations understand the historical landscape of this community and cherish it enough to protect the people and the land.

To learn more about the efforts, visit Merrick-Moore Community Development Corporation.

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