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Grandson Gerontologist on a mission: preventing bedsores

Grandson gerontologists on a mission: preventing bedsores is somewhat of a tough read. There’s no getting around that fact.

Keeping It REAL Caregiving’s goal is to find and share practical nuggets of information for caregivers. Whether you are a family caregiver or work as a professional constant reminders are necessary to keep our loved ones safe.

Especially if that loved one is older, experiencing mobility loss, and spends much of their time sitting, or in bed.

I experienced much of this while caring for my own mother. That is the reason I have created this platform. To share practical information one can only get from going through the caregiving journey.

Potentially deadly bedsores


I was fortunate to attend the 2023 American Society on Aging Conference earlier this year.

LCDR Israel Cross, Gerontologist and Family Caregiver and Julia Yarbough, KIRC

It was there I met a fellow caregiver and advocate. Consider him a grandson gerontologist on a mission. It was my honor to share his story, featured in my latest article with Next Avenue, with excerpts below:

What you need to know

“It’s challenging to be a gerontologist and also be a caregiver. It is one thing to study, but when it’s in your backyard, it is a lot different than reading words.” That realization motivates 39-year-old Israel Cross, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)…

…Choking up and almost coming to tears, he shared the pain and angst of having cared for and then losing his 87-year-old grandmother, Helen. She died in April 2020…

Cross says the pressure ulcers, which ultimately led to the increased decline, could have been avoided with a few simple routine safety procedures…

WATCH the video for wonderful information and insight from a professional, who also has a deeply personal motivation for educating others.

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