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Managing self care, our money and more!

It’s one of the episodes in the Keeping It REAL Caregiving video series Sunday Coffee Chat & Support Hour!

There are so many topics that intersect with family caregiving. There are also hundreds of women and men who are living the experience – or – work in fields that have similarities.

In this episode, Keeping It REAL Caregiving dives into conversation with two women (both ironically who call the Southside of Chicago home) who devote much of their energies to educating others.

One advocates in the field of family caregiving. You’ll meet Kandis Draw, who serves as an advocate for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance in Illinois.

We also chat with financial journalist and fellow Meta Bulletin writer, Charlene Rhinehart who publishes the Chicago Southsider newsletter.

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Why money matters to self care

It may not seem like it on the surface, but how well we are able to focus on self care depends on how well we pay attention to our finances. That’s why managing self care covers more than just our physical selves.

And that’s the focus of this session. Our panel wants to share personal experiences in caregiving and money management, to help others. We have all learned, that caregiving can take a lot out of you.

There are the emotional stresses but we must also think about the practical:

  • Do we have the financial resources to cover the costs of supplies?
  • Is there enough savings set aside to perhaps help pay for additional care (in-home or facility)?
  • Have we taken the time to explore various insurance options and how much will that cost?
  • Are there other family members who might be able to help out with money, errands or maybe even upgrades to a home?

All of these are questions we should ask ourselves.

What next?


Whether you are already in the thick of caregiving or are about to enter into the role, the time to start planning is NOW!

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