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30 01, 2022

Is it time for a makeover? That might be the question the aging industry should answer

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Health care & research VS. REAL talkEverybody needs a little time away. Such a simple thought, captured beautifully in the hit '82 Chicago song Hard to Say I'm Sorry.I took a little time away this weekend. I joined a group of Northern California outdoor and birding enthusiasts for a hike through the Sutter Buttes as ...

26 01, 2022

How NOT to lose YOU when the caregiving role takes over! 3 pieces of advice from the field

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KIRC welcomes a guest caregiver offering up practical and emotionally potent 'survival tips'Hello KIRC family!I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped this concept and platform grow. This all started with a simple thought: “It shouldn’t be this hard to care for my mother and how are others navigating this ...

23 01, 2022

SAVE THE DATES: your caregiving calendar of events, news you can use & what is your plan for personal growth?

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Welcome to the Sunday KIRC bulletin: upcoming events for the weekGood morning! Pull out your schedules and get ready for a full week ahead.1. Tuesday, January 25, 2022U.S. News & World Report WebinarMeasuring Health Equity: Building a U.S. News Health Equity Index for Hospitals and Health Systems1:00 PM - 2:00 PM -EasternWe’ve mentioned this event ...

21 01, 2022

"You're not welcome here" – Could words and actions from the past make a repeat performance in care?

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Follow the numbers and the money to track disparitiesEarlier this week, Keeping it REAL Caregiving marked Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a moment to reflect on Dr. King and his legacy.It was also a moment to consider how historical moments in our recent pasts may have played out in real time for our elders.Courtesy: ...

19 01, 2022

They work hard for the $$: 🎶🎤💪⛑ Care economy professionals take center stage in Golden State budget proposal 2022-2023

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California Master Plan for Aging & budget proposal considers the future of care workers, staffing & trainingHappy Wednesday KIRC family!In the midst of a national news cycle that feels somewhat challenging with headlines involving:Supply chain/product shortages...Gerrymandering efforts in various communities across the country...People of all backgrounds fighting to maintain voting rights within our democracy...Severe and ...


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