Hello KIRC fam~

What if caregiving was a joke? What if this entire caregiving reality we are moving through was really one big joke?

How might we approach our day-to-day chores, challenges, successes, and outcomes if we had a comedic mindset and could allow ourselves to laugh more?

Something to consider

I wanted to throw that concept out there as something to consider. Just as many jokes start with the line of ‘Three xxx walked into a xxx’ – well, if three caregivers walked into a video chat (coffee shop, bar, doctor’s office, etc) – how would you finish that line? (your challenge is to turn it into a joke…)


Consider this: Maybe, just MAYBE one tool to help us move through our roles as caregivers is laughter. Is it possible to find whatever little nuggets of humor we can in moments throughout our days?

Why? Because sometimes we simply are not going to be able to change what is in front of us. Things like…

  • Feeling as if there are never enough hours in the day…
  • Siblings or other family members are unwilling to help…
  • Finding and maintaining help for daily chores, grocery shopping, filling medications…
  • Accepting our own feelings of guilt for sometimes needing to focus on ourselves…

So many things are out of our control, but Keeping It REAL Caregiving is trying to do one thing: and that is help others lighten the load by arming folks with the tools to plan and prepare, and expand our forum to share experiences, ideas and DIY hacks.

So when three caregivers recently walked into a video chat, what we created was the first Sunday Coffee Chat and Support Show of 2024 – Caring for siblings, yourself, and your money!

If you missed it, you can check it out here. We kicked off the year with two guests who are both family caregivers, Heather Robert and Sid Starks.

Ms. Robert helps to care for an adult sibling. Mr. Starks has cared for aging parents and is also a financial planner.

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Unique Challenges

We talked about the unique challenges of caring for a sibling with special needs, and the realities of needing to address finances when it comes to caring for aging parents.

And guess what else we did? Even within this serious conversation, we managed to have a few laughs!

I believe sometimes finding comedy in moments of sheer overwhelm can be a powerful release.

What if caregiving was a big joke? What if we allowed ourselves to laugh at the moments which sometimes may hurt the most?

What serious or challenging moments have you encountered which were also moments that made you laugh?

How did stepping back from the moment and laughing make you feel?

I would love to hear and share some of your insights, so be sure to leave a comment!

Lets lighten the load for each other, shall we?

Keeping It REAL Caregiving family members laughing

I suspect every caregiver out there could use a good laugh!

Until next time~