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27 03, 2022

Your KIRC caregiving calendar of events and news you can use for the week of March 27-April 3, 2022

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KIRC is working to keep an eye on a round-up of events and developments impacting YOU - the caregiver!Tuesday, March 29, 2022California Department of Aging - 
Master Plan for AgingInformational Hearing on the Master Plan for AgingHosted by: the Committee on Aging & Long-Term CareYou can watch the hearing from its livestream on the Assembly’s ...

25 03, 2022

How my trip to Alaska sparked an intergenerational friendship: Women's History in a pioneering soul

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What can we learn about life and living? Ask an 81-year old!In honor of Women’s History Month, Keeping It REAL Caregiving would like to introduce you to a woman who is a living example of creating history—maybe not the kind of history that generates news headlines, but the kind that leaves a lasting impact on ...

23 03, 2022

Will California wildfire season 🔥 be here sooner than we think? Why preparation 🚒 is a MUST – especially for caregivers!

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Take action NOW to plan for the worst and hope for the best!It's official! As of March 20, 2022 we rolled into spring.Here in Northern California, it seems Mother Nature is eager to turn up the heat. A few days ago a light jacket was a great idea before stepping out.Tuesday when I stepped outdoors, ...

20 03, 2022

Caregiving calendar for the week of March 20, 2022: SAVE THE DATES, news you can use & stay connected!

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KIRC invites you to SAVE THE DATE for the next Coffee Chat & Support Hour!Your KIRC caregiving events for the week of March 20 - 26, 2022Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Keeping it REAL Caregiving newsletter to stay up to date! ❇️ Like what KIRC is dishing up? share it with your circle of ...


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