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22 10, 2022

What can feel scarier than a Halloween 🎃👻 fright night? Navigating Medicare, deadlines & avoiding penalties!

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YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID... if you take action early, ask questions and plan ahead!Hello KIRC family!The season of fright is upon us! 🦇🧟Halloween is just around the corner, which for many means jack-o-lanterns, spooky decorations and planning wickedly creative costumes to wear for Halloween gatherings.But, there is something that might be even more ...

19 10, 2022

BOOM! Age boom that is & stories you may have missed

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ON THE MOVE: KIRC is making a move: what you need to knowHello KIRC family!Can you believe how fast this year is moving? I can’t!We are quickly approaching the end of October and stepping into the beginning of yet another holiday season - wow!But before that, there is still plenty of work to tackle. This ...

15 10, 2022

Voter suppression efforts: who are we really hurting?

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OPINION: Do politicians (regardless of party) truly care one bit about an aging population? Recent trends make me question our AmericaHello KIRC family!Is anyone else out there a bit nervous about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections?That wasn’t a question to stoke partisan divide, but a question to spark a conversation and maybe - just maybe ...

9 10, 2022

Do you give yourself enough Tender Loving Care? Flip the script and think about LTC instead – Plus KIRC is on the move!

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WE'RE MOVING and you are invited to the housewarming!Hello KIRC family!We’re going to kick things off in this update with some big and exciting changes coming to Keeping It REAL Caregiving.We’re MovingA HUGE thank you to Facebook Bulletin for creating such an impactful platform to help Keeping It REAL Caregiving reach so many of you.I ...

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