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25 03, 2023

Exciting Advocacy + Teamwork = Supporting Family Caregivers

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CONGRATULATIONS to all of us! KIRC joins statewide advocacy organization Hello KIRC fam!Did the headline and title of this update give you an idea of the excitement I’m feeling about the progress we’ve made since launching Keeping It REAL Caregiving?All of you who have become members of this growing tribe should be proud to know ...

19 03, 2023

Putting a face on family caregiving from AHCJ

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HJ23 session: Putting a face on family caregiving by Liz Seegert | March 14, 2023 *This is a reprtint article published by the Association of Health Care Journalists. Keeping It REAL Caregiving and Julia Yarbough had the honor of presenting during the 2023 annual conference. Caregiving reality   Caregiving. It seems almost everyone has ...

18 03, 2023

Why a U.S. Surgeon General says we should pay more attention to public health and equitable care

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KIRC private chat PLUS a featured presentation with a former 'Nation's Doctor'Hello, KIRC family!I would like to first extend a warm welcome to all of our new subscribers. Thank you for joining our growing tribe and I appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with the KIRC family. Please consider sharing this newsletter with friends ...

11 03, 2023

Why telling your caregiving story matters

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Our experiences + our voices = advocacyHello KIRC family~Greetings from the midwest - St. Louis, Missouri to be exact!I’m writing this from my hotel room, not far from the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch, which I can see from my window. I didn’t know this, but it is the tallest monument in the country - wow!This ...

5 03, 2023

What would you tell a national journalist about your caregiving experience? KIRC is giving you a direct line!

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YOUR VOICE represented at the Association of Health Care Journalists 2023 Annual Conference - KIRC invited guest speakerHello KIRC family~There is some exciting news to share with all of you.Keeping It REAL Caregiving (me, Julia Yarbough) has been invited to join a panel of fellow family caregiving policy experts and advocates for a national conference!This ...

3 03, 2023

Can't travel because you are a caregiver? KIRC is bringing an exotic underwater world to you!

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Welcome to Paradise in Fiji: In His Own WordsHello KIRC family!As family caregivers, we talk a lot about ‘self-care.’ That of course looks and feels different for each of us. For me, self-care always translated into travel. Once I took on the role of full-time caregiver to my mother, excursions were no longer an option. ...


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