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30 05, 2022

Honoring Memorial Day 2022 plus: Your caregiver calendar & news you can use for the week May 30 – June 4, 2022

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Remember & honor those who served; those we have lostKeeping It REAL Caregiving wishes you a peaceful and reflective Memorial Day, 2022 as we honor all those who have served our country who are no longer with us.Upcoming eventsTuesday, May 31, 20224:00 PM PacificFamily Caregiver RoundtableHosted by: Caregivercalifornia.orgEvent description: A live event for caregivers; sharing ...

28 05, 2022

Covid-19 took my father's life. Statistics and insensitive comments from Covid-19 doubters hurt just as much as losing dad

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I want closure but its impossibleOne million people dead from Covid-19. That is the horrific tally the United States now owns. It is a heart wrenching reality to consider how many families have been impacted by this loss.'The confirmed number of dead is equivalent to a 9/11 attack every day for 336 days. It is ...

23 05, 2022

Help, I'm exhausted! Can I get paid to take care of my mom?

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Call-to-Action, your caregiving calendar & sorting through Medicare helpHello KIRC family.Most of us would agree, that caregiving comes in many shapes, sizes, experiences and outcomes.In this update a few items:Upcoming events...Details of a fascinating webinar Keeping It REAL Caregiving attended...And we answer a reader question: 'Is there a way to get paid for caring for ...

20 05, 2022

When White-hot hate hits: Is anyone safe?

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Aging + Gun Violence: The American Dream?📮Missed our recent posts? You can read them here:How long does the internal stress linger? A recent nightmare has me asking, 'Can we suffer from caregiving PTSD?'📮If you are just joining us, WELCOME! You can subscribe for free or become a Premium Member to join a growing, supportive and ...

18 05, 2022

How long does the internal stress linger? A recent nightmare has me asking, 'Can we suffer from caregiving PTSD?'

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What wakes YOU up at night - dreams, nightmares or something more?Hello KIRC family!I would like to say thank you for coming along on this journey. For anyone who is (or about to become) a family caregiver, we know the path can sometimes be rocky. Just knowing there are others going through this can help. ...


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