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16 05, 2022

Hey! It's happening today and you're invited to join the KIRC Virtual Storytime

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JOIN US for Virtual Storytime recognizing Older Americans MonthHAPPENING TODAY - PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER EVENTMonday, May 16 20225:00 PM PacificVirtual Story time Celebrating Older Americans MonthHosted by: Keeping It REAL CaregivingEvent description: In recognition of Older Americans Month, May 2022, Keeping It REAL Caregiving is hosting a virtual storytime event.This is your opportunity to share a ...

15 05, 2022

5 acronyms you should know! Don't let the caregiving world leave you SYH or screaming WTHJH?

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WYNTK so you don't have to say WTH!How many times have you read a text message or email which included acronyms but you didn't know what the letters stood for?You just stared at it -SYH (shaking your head) trying to figure out the meaning.Keeping It REAL Caregiving offers this short lesson on what I believe ...

11 05, 2022

Is a young life more important than an older one? Finding room for an aging population in the pro-life narrative

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Exclusive OPINION ESSAY: Roe v Wade, abortion and agingExclusive Opinion EssayKeeping It REAL Caregiving is a non-political platform.The goal is to provide family caregivers with news, information, guidance and insight from those who have lived the journey and can offer assistance.Often there are current events that may seem as though they have nothing to do ...

8 05, 2022

YOU'RE INVITED to the KIRC Virtual Storytime Event!

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Celebrating Older Americans MonthYou are invited to the Keeping It REAL Caregiving Virtual Storytime to celebrate Older Americans Month.Join us Monday May 16, 2022 05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)This is the first KIRC event for our premium subscribers only and I'm excited to be able to connect with you!Event description: In recognition of ...


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