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31 08, 2022

The bittersweet reasons I love National Peach Month

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DELICIOUS fruit and memorable moments of momHello KIRC familyCan you believe it is already the last day of August? Wow, where is the time going?Saying 'so long' to this month is quite bittersweet for me. And here’s why.National Peach MonthPeaches from the KIRC mini-orchardDid you know that August is the month set aside as National ...

28 08, 2022

What's happening this week and news you can use

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Awards, grant opportunities & Medicare prescription drug pricesHello KIRC family ~It's Sunday, August 28, 2022.Today KIRC is dishing up a few of the headlines you may have missed plus developments impacting family caregiving, health care, and potentially our pocket books.Amazon Care Announces Shut DownCourtesy: Getty Images/New York (AP) - Amazon is shutting down the hybrid ...

26 08, 2022

HIRING: Are you passionate about making an impact within the field of aging? ASA is looking for you!

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Call for applicants: Will you be the next Program Manager for the American Society on Aging?Hello KIRC family!Keeping It REAL Caregiving would like to share with all of you some information regarding an exciting employment opportunity.In this update, I’d also like to point your attention to several articles penned by colleagues within the aging space.So ...

22 08, 2022

Is your hospital treating you or your loved ones with equity? It is a question caregivers must learn to ask

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#EQUITY in eldercare, plus your chance to sound off on Medicare AdvantageHello KIRC family!I would like to start this update by asking everyone to please send condolences towards California.A longtime friend who has been serving as a long-distance caregiver to her mother and father has recently lost a parent.For those who believe in the power ...

19 08, 2022

6 creative and crafty ways to make the most of your caregiving time

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GUEST ESSAYIST: Want to make your caregiving role work for your spirit and your pocket book? The answer may be at your fingertips!In her own wordsKeeping It REAL Caregiving would like to welcome fellow family caregiver Rita back to the stage!For many years, Rita has been the primary family caregiver to her elderly mother who ...


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