The Accidental Caregiver with PASSAGES live stream event, held Wednesday, June 16, 2021.


The Accidental Caregiver: PASSAGES


Presented by Keeping it REAL Caregiving creator Julia Yarbough, the program takes participants through a personal journey of family caregiving and some of the lessons learned.

Practical Information

In this The Accidental Caregiver webinar, Julia offers practical and actionable information regarding how to begin preparing for the role of caregiver.

Participants learn about “The Three P’s” and Julia also offers suggestions for changing one’s mindset regarding the role of caregiver. The discussion also covers how to shift your thinking in order to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of caregiving.

As The Accidental Caregiver, Julia also discusses the more personal side of her experience by sharing with participants several heartwarming moments shared with her mother, Nellie P. Yarbough. During the presentation you will join the family for a touching birthday celebration.

A portion of the webinar also reminds participants about the importance of addressing difficult topics; including end-of-life planning, finances and insurance needs.



Courtesy: PASSAGES

PASSAGES Caregiver Resource Center

…offers a number of resources for those within the caregiving sphere, including its guest speaker series. PASSAGES offers services described as follows:

Family Caregiver Support

Passages’ Caregiver Support program provides consultation, training, support groups, and respite care for family caregivers who provide in-home care to frail, older adults and to adults with brain or neurological impairment.

For those who are just beginning a caregiving journey or for those who are looking ahead to make plans for themselves, this presentation offers useful tools and some hands-on actions to take.

Get Started Early

Julia who by chance became The Accidental Caregiver recommends everyone begin thinking about how to prepare for aging and to do so EARLY! By the end of The Accidental Caregiver webinar viewers will be able to identify at least three steps they can take immediately.

The Accidental Caregiver & Three P’s

Plus when you take action early, individuals and families can begin to make plans for all the “what if” scenarios that might take place. One of the points Julia stresses is that none of us know exactly what will happen as we or our loved ones age. And that’s why it is so important to start thinking about the issue of aging as early as possible.

Julia reminds everyone it is a good idea to prepare as many contingency plans as possible and educate ourselves to the resources available.

Keeping it REAL Caregiving would like to thank PASSAGES for the opportunity to partner in order to provide this service.