EXCLUSIVE: American Society on Aging ‘Members Only’ event

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For newcomers who might be wondering, ‘Who the heck is this Julia Yarbough lady who is talking about family caregiving?’ Here’s a background check on me and the journey.

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Well, here we are in the thick of holiday season. I suspect all of you are busy, present company included.

During the past several weeks, Keeping It REAL Caregiving has had the opportunity to speak out on behalf of family caregivers, presenting for several organizations with a national reach.

If you missed our session with The California Black Health Network, you can get caught up here.


American Society on Aging

Keeping It REAL Caregiving also recently joined a panel of experts, to speak out on behalf of family caregivers for an American Society on Aging event.

This usually Members Only event, ‘ASA RISE Fellows Speak Out on Supporting Family Caregivers,’ is an exclusive opportunity for you to hear from BIPOC leaders in the aging industry.

Event description:

Millions of older Americans manage basic health and functional needs with the help of family and unpaid caregivers.

The availability and adequacy of family caregiver support has important consequences for quality of life, services used and the quality and costs of care among those who rely upon their help.

ASA RISE alumnae will engage in a panel discussion on how to better understand the needs of and strengthen support afforded to family caregivers, especially caregivers of color.


Cynthia D. Banks, former ASA Board Member, Interim President & CEO and current ASA RISE Consultant & Archstone Foundation Board member.

ASA RISE Alumnae Panelists:

Angela Melissa King, Founder & Chief Giving Officer of Aging 100 and a Caring Across Generations 2023 Care Fellow.

Dr. Earnestine Thomas, Caregiver Specialist at Howard County (MD) Office on Aging and Independence.

Julia Yarbough, Founder & Chief Creator of Keeping It Real Caregiving and Communications Consultant with Magid Associates.