Once a caregiver you see the world through a different lens

Our focus in the KIRC newsletter is caregiving. Sometimes that means stepping outside our comfort zones to go above and beyond to help others in need.

Here are a few ways we can all chip in to lend a hand to those recently escaped from, and those still in Ukraine.

1. American Red Cross

Keeping it REAL Caregiving is asking all of you to join in helping to support the American Red Cross in response and relief efforts in Ukraine.

Make a tax-deductible donation here, with funds going directly to the American Red Cross

As you know, KIRC is non-political. But, what we are all watching unfold in Ukraine is well… beyond comprehension. I don’t know about you, but my heart is aching. I am angry. I am afraid. And I feel helpless.

I reached out to my local American Red Cross representative and asked, “What can I do in some small way to help? How can others within the KIRC family help if they wish?”

Within hours, my rep helped create a website portal, in which you can make a donation to the American Red Cross. I chose this organization because of its global reach, reputation and commitment to aiding those in emergency crisis.

Visit the Keeping it REAL Caregiving – American Red Cross landing page to make a donation.

My hope/belief is that every little bit can help. You may be wondering why KIRC has taken a slight pivot into this arena?

If you missed the first post about this subject, I shared with you my personal fears and nightmares I experienced while caregiving for my mother.

I dive deeper into those nightmares and steps we can take for first response preparations, in the KIRC blog. Check it out here.


You see, I live in Northern California. This is wildfire region. After the 2018 Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, I viewed preparing for emergencies differently.

When you have an elder who needs additional care, being forced from your home in a natural disaster becomes that much more challenging. The same holds true for those with limited mobility and/or other special needs.


The thought of families in Ukraine trying to escape to safety with, or as an elder tears my heart out.

What we are watching is wrong on every humanitarian level. In my heart I believe neighboring countries and the United States have not taken stronger action against Russia, because it has nuclear weapons. Based on the horrific targeting of civilians and lack of regard for human life we are witnessing, who is to say another country would not be targeted for a nuclear attack?

So please, when we think about the larger global implications, don’t complain about gas prices rising. We have our homes and are not being bombed. I’d say paying more for products is a pretty minor inconvenience in comparison.

2. California Volunteers/Office of the Governor

Courtesy: Screen shot Californians for All

Californians for All is also spearheading guidance so ordinary citizens can show support.

This arm of California state government recently shared this:

We have all been watching the events transpiring in Ukraine. California Volunteers stands with the people of Ukraine during this tragic time, and we will continue to support their fight for fundamental rights and freedoms. As Governor Newsom said in his State of the State, “we take strength from [the Ukrainians] contagious courage, and their willingness to fight for their freedom.”

Visit to find a list of additional ways we can take action.

3. U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Department of State has also announced it has forged a partnership with well known funding platform GoFundMe.org to give us more options and ways to help.

In a press release from March 9, 2022 the agency explains:

The Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships has established a public-private partnership with GoFundMe.org to direct funds to organizations that are helping to address the humanitarian needs of those impacted by the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine. This partnership with GoFundMe.org is designed to mobilize private-sector donations and individual giving to support relief organizations aiding those impacted by Russia’s actions.

So far, the effort has raised more than $1.7 million dollars.

Thank you for letting me get on the soap-box a little bit.

Losing sleep? Feeling angst? Tight stomach? That’s me these days. Jump into the discussion – I would love to hear how all of you are processing and coping with this global crisis.

Until next time~


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